Unaccompanied luggage

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Unaccompanied luggage

Category : Baggage

Unaccompanied baggage must imperatively be deposited several hours before your departure, or even the day before, in the freight zone, except for home abductions. A transport file will be established by our correspondents including several important documents:

  • The Air Waybill (LTA number in the format “923 – xxxx xxxx”): This is your contract of carriage with the front company (see conditions on the back: back). This number will be requested upon arrival for the withdrawal of your goods
  • The declaration of value signed by you or invoice for new goods.

Our correspondent will tell you the expected transit time according to availability. Attention, this is only an indicative time: In application of the rules on aviation security, the sending of your shipment may be postponed (for example if the grouping has opaque areas during its passage X-ray ) .Also, we advise you to make sure with the Freight Service for the good reception of your shipments before moving.

Upon arrival, your freight will be stored in the store awaiting pick-up or delivery. Pay attention to the shopping costs in some destinations if you do not come to look for your expedition beyond 2 or 3 days after its arrival!

Think about it

Packaging: The packages are handled many times during their transport, it is very important to ensure that each of your shipments has a sufficiently strong and robust packaging to avoid any damage.

If your shipments require specific packaging, do not hesitate to seek advice from our correspondents. contacts

Your content declaration allows the company to identify sensitive packages and take care, so be sure to establish an exhaustive list of your products so that the temperature or handling precautions are taken (fruits and vegetables, fish, glass bottles, etc.)

Because of the need to conduct customs visits, our correspondents must be able to access the contents of your shipments (leave a duplicate of the keys if closing).


Please note that you can also obtain ad valorem insurance for the transport of your unaccompanied luggage (invoice required). For shipments with significant market value, there are specific shipping conditions – be sure to ask beforehand (eg art objects, etc.).

Dangerous materials hidden!

Attention, the air regulations are complex and extremely strict, so do not hesitate to ask us about all the conditions of acceptance (limitation quantity / necessary documents / packaging …).

(Example of dangerous goods: aerosols, perfumes, strong alcoholic beverages, corrosive or flammable liquids, batteries, fireworks, refill for lighters, camping stove bottles, gas bottles …)