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Special services for babies (from 0 to 23 months old)

Category : Family

A baby must always be accompanied by an adult (over the age of 18 / maximum of 1 baby per adult).

When traveling with a baby, special care and attention is required. Download our special guide : Traveling with your baby.
We do everything possible to ensure that our youngest passengers and their parents enjoy a comfortable and pleasant trip.

Reserving a skycot

Corsairfly can supply skycots free of charge for babies traveling on its flights.
Please Note! The provision of a skycot is not automatic. As these are very much in demand, we strongly advise that you reserve your skycot when you purchase your ticket. You will receive a reply within 48 hours. To consult our contact page click here.

Traveling with your pushchair

Pushchairs can travel free of charge. You should mention if you have a pushchair at the time you check in, to ensure that it is properly labeled in the same way as a suitcase. However, to ensure maximum comfort for baby and for parents, you can keep your pushchair with you up until you board the aircraft, at which point it will be placed in the hold by our staff. Upon arrival, your pushchair will be placed on the luggage conveyor before the standard luggage items.

Planning baby’s meals

Each baby’s needs are different. This is why we allow you to carry on-board everything you need for your baby during the flight (meals, nappies, baby bottles, other care items, etc). Our cabin crew will be happy to heat up bottles and baby food for you.

A gift you’ll really appreciate: the Baby Pack.

If you’re traveling with a baby aged under 2 years on a Corsairfly flight, a Baby Pack will be offered to you when you take your seat. You can use this as you wish, and naturally you can also take advantage of the other services already proposed (skycot, changing table, bottle warmer, etc).

Provided free of charge by Corsairfly, this gift does not replace a meal.
It contains 1 bottle of water, 2 jars of baby food (savory & sweet), 1 small heat sensitive spoon, 1 packet of wipes, 1 bib, 1 milk measure, 1 soft toy
(subject to availability).